At Shyam Engineering, we believe that the quality of your products, performance of your projects, and the safety of your people is directly proportional to the efficiency and reliability of your machines and plants.

Shyam Engineering has deployed 200+ qualified technicians, engineers, and supervisors at various plants across India and international offsites.

We offer comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) to our clients, for the smooth operation and timely maintenance of systems. Our team of on-site engineers and technicians works round-the-clock to maintain mission-critical machinery, process lines, and systems for achieving near-zero downtime, and highest efficiency.

Our operations and maintenance team will assume responsibility for

Upkeep of Site and Equipment

Through regular tests and checks for performance parameters, our team of trained technicians ensure that all the equipment at the site/plant, including the heavy machinery, are running well, as per given specifications.

Preventive Maintenance

We develop a preventive maintenance schedule to take up regular check-ups. During these interventions, our team of technicians takes readings and follows checklists to flag issues and ensure performance.

Emergency Shutdown

In case of an emergency, the Emergency Shutdown Procedure is followed in a plant. After the shutdown and evacuation, the troubleshooting begins. We replace or repair the equipment, as required, to ensure safety and earliest resumption of production.

Routine Checks

Routine checks are conducted on every equipment to ascertain performance and adherence to specifications. This allows engineers to flag off potential issues that can jeopardize operations.

Operations of Electrical & Instrumentation System

The electrical and instrumentation systems are a key component of any process. Any malfunction or below-par performance can have a ripple effect across the plant and throw all production lines off track. Our Operation &Maintenance team takes special precautions to ensure that these mission-critical processes are operating as per specifications.

Refurbishing the Equipment

In case of faulty equipment, we repair or suggest refurbishing as necessary.